The Sporos Capital Partners’ team is focused on verticals within which they have depth of experience and a successful track record of creating value for stakeholders. The merging of this vertical experience and their operational expertise with opportunities within the Cannabis industry differentiates Sporos Capital and uniquely positions it to identify targets and drive returns.

Business Segments.

Consumer Products

Focus on brands that are broadening the consumer set and in line with where the industry is heading.

Business Services

Focus on services that provide infrastructural support (payment processing, insurance services, delivery platforms, marketing strategy, etc.).

Retail/Real Estate

Focus on dispensary/experiential brands that have a path to grow.


Focus on manufacturing businesses that have a high barrier to entry and a differentiated offering to clients.


Focus on businesses that have obtained and are positioned to continue to obtain licenses, with an ability to develop those licenses.

Investment Criteria.

Investment Size

$3MM - $25MM


Debt/Preferred Equity/Common Equity

Target Revenues

Up to $200 million

Target Ebitda

Up to $10 million

Business Life Cycle

Early stage / Growth businesses; Mature Businesses; Consolidation through M&A

Business Health

Stable healthy businesses to distressed opportunistic situations

Platform Opportunities

Businesses that are looking to consolidate a segment

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